Cat Smith’s Special New Years Post.

GizmoCat Smith Presents a Special New Years Edition of that stupid blog my bipeds do.

You might actually finish reading this one-


So it’s New Year’s Eve and I have been given control. As I should have had all along since we started traveling in the giant cube. We’d probably have a gazillion gillion followers by now. That’s right. The entire galaxy would be following, not just piddly human bipeds from planet earth. Anyways, continuing on, keep up. I thought what better to share than my list of New Year’s resolutions. As always I aim to inspire and as always I hit the bulls-eye dead on. I split the arrow that split the arrow in the center of the bulls-eye. So without further adieu here is my list-

New Year’s Resolutions- Cat Smith Style

1) To have the bipeds draw me as I appear in real life instead of that stringy haired rodent thing.

Cat Smith new years2) To be included in the Royal Christmas card for 2016.  I will admit that Kate is beautiful and stylish and William does have that whole prince thing going on. And there are the adorable tots, George and Charlotte, and they would look great in the background but nothing says royal like a Cat Smith on that soft green English grass. Continue reading Cat Smith’s Special New Years Post.


Texas…The Story So Far

The Journey

We finally left the Las Vegas area and spent the next six days driving. We were headed to the San Antonio area, where my brother lives, for our holiday home base. Leaving Las Vegas was bittersweet. Lake Mead National Recreational Area and Red Rock Canyon were beautiful and the weather was perfect our entire stay. We also got to hang out with friends, including some great climbing buddies that came down from Portland for a few days. It was almost like we never left home. Minus all the rain and clouds and gloominess. We will definitely be back in the Las Vegas area for climbing every year.

Driving down to Texas was mostly uneventful. With our fridge never staying cold enough for food and our shower leaking enough to be unusable our lifestyle on the road has been pretty glamorous thus far. So naturally on our way to San Antonio we stayed at the finest truck stops to be found off of Interstate 10. Michael dislikes the truck stops immensely. He hates the noise from all the diesel engines and would prefer a rest area. I have come to love the truck stops and feel the safest there. Those rumbling engines are like ocean waves crashing gently along the shoreline. A sweet lullaby lulling you to sleep. And with all those big trucks and lights around it’s like having the defense of a castle protecting you.

truck stop

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Red Rock Bouldering

Sorry for the delay, but alas…. After almost 2 weeks in the Vegas area, we finally got around to doing some climbing. I had been bouldering in Red Rocks once before, in February, with some friends from Portland. When they found out we were leaving, they decided they couldn’t go more than a month without seeing us, so they joined us for some climbing.

Kraft Boulders

The first day we headed out to the famous Kraft Boulders. This is an area that I could spend a month in working on various problems. Since it had been 2 weeks since we climbed anything, we were going to take a while to warm up. Even though she’s still injured, Tara was the first one to jump on some rock. She loved the way it felt, but couldn’t put weight on her foot, so she just got to watch us have fun climbing the rest of the day. After dinking around on some easy V0/1 stuff, we headed out to the Pork Chop Boulder. This was up the canyon a little ways, and since we didn’t get an early start on the day, we weren’t going to be back there forever.  Once the sun got behind the mountains it got quite chilly.  It took me a few tries but I was able to get the V4 variant which had a 2 hand under-cling start. Continue reading Red Rock Bouldering

Viva Las Vegan part 2

Tiabi and Ronald’s Donuts… Again

Since we had some time on our hands, we decided to check out some other Vegas Vegan Venues. Now there aren’t a ton of vegan only restaurants, and we were going to be meeting friends on several occasions, so most of the places just have a handful of vegan options. Since I’m a sucker for breakfast and my biggest regret about downsizing is giving my waffle iron to my sister, we stopped for lunch at Tiabi Coffee and Waffle House. We shared the Green Nut smoothie, which again was less than appealing. Of the two different smoothies we’ve shared now in Vegas, I would say the main ingredient in both has been ice. I got a basic waffle with blackberries and pecans…. and that’s exactly what it was. A plain waffle, about eight blackberries, and a few pecans. I was thinking it would have pecans and blackberries cooked inside. At least a blackberry compote. We didn’t notice until our orders were being cooked, but they could do Belgian Style for an extra buck. It would have been well worth it. While mine wasn’t bad, it didn’t blow me away. I feel my blender waffle recipe is much better. Here is the original recipe I adapted it from.   Continue reading Viva Las Vegan part 2

Meow for the Story of the Cats in the RV

The true story that lies beneath our adventures and our travels is a simple love story….

gizmo love together




We first met our cats, Gizmo and Whisper, five years ago at the Humane Society in Portland. When I saw the picture of Gizmo on their website it was like I just knew. Knew that what I’d been searching for all these years was staring back at me from the computer screen. That chiseled, furry, gray face with a somewhat startled expression was like the cat god from my dreams. Meow there is more to read