Vegan San Antonio and Austin Too

Even though San Antonio doesn’t have a ton of vegan options, we’ve been able to find some great spots. It’s about an hour drive to the city from where we are, so we haven’t gone to these places as often as we would like.   (Which is good for the wallet) Just before we left Portland we went on a blitzkrieg of some of our favorite places so we got a little burnt out with eating out. We’ve fallen back into our regular routine of about once or twice a week while we’ve been here. Tara detailed the first few places we went to here. Continue reading Vegan San Antonio and Austin Too


The Great Blue Heron Stalker

You may think, from the title, that this article will be about a human that stalks the majestic bird, the Great Blue Heron.  And perhaps that human is one of us.  You may think, it is a simple story, with a beginning and an ending.  But is any story so simple?

Life on the road, and in the RV, is full of untold dangers.  There is my recurring nightmare of us driving off a cliff.  There is the possibility that the GPS will lead us to an unfinished road where we will drive off a cliff.  The RV might blow a tire leading us to skid off the pavement and drive off a cliff.

Then there is the danger that lurks inside the RV.  Confining people and animals to small spaces does not always bode well.  One thing our animals like to do, is to wait for Michael and I to be in the narrowest part of the RV.  (This is right in front of the shower and bathroom sink.  We have a propane heater in this area, so the the hallway is smaller than anywhere else in the RV.)  The animals then converge here and it becomes a game of survival as to who can make it out unharmed.

final shower scene Danger awaits you here

Vegan in San Antonio

Michael usually writes the posts on the vegan restaurants we go to, but he’s been busy fixing the shower and putting on more solar panels, so I am writing this one.  It will be a bit ridiculous because of this and I apologize for that.

Senor Veggie

The first vegan restaurant we went to in San Antonio was Senor Veggie.  It’s close to the Alamo and I swear I saw a fresh juice place only a few buildings down.  (I still need to investigate that.)  So even before we walked in the door it had a couple of good things going for it.  And after meeting our waitress I decided it wouldn’t even matter if we didn’t like the food, it was still going to be a positive experience.  The waitress was a total sweetheart.  Normally I’m not comfortable with new people.  Michael is the outgoing one.  I’m the ogre that tries to hide in the shadows and not frighten people.  But this waitress was just so nice it was hard not to open my mouth and respond.  Hopefully that praise didn’t sound creepy…Just trying to point out, in a long winded way, that the staff seemed great at Senor Veggie.

Anyways, we got some drinks, our first chance to order some Texas beer!!  I love beer and we are excited to try local beers wherever we go.

you had me at hello - Copy - Copy
I love beer 🙂

(Side Note—My super talented friend, Shaun, made the above picture for me awhile ago. You can check out more of his artwork at his blog Mr. Jumby.)

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