City of Rocks State Park

We went to City of Rocks State Park in New Mexico for the unique climbing opportunities. Instead I spent most of the time stalking some great horned owls. Over the week that we stayed, I took over 1200 photos of owls. On my initial edit, I trimmed it down to about 200 that I really liked. This still seemed excessive, so I got it down to 55. Finally 19 made the cut. Of course this is about City of Rocks as a whole, so I will start there.

View of the park from the nearby lookout. (sorry for poor quality, taken with my phone)
View of the park from the nearby lookout. (sorry for poor quality, taken with my phone)

City of Rocks is located about halfway between Silver City and Deming.  Silver City had a nice little food coop that we went to several times to get some groceries.  They also have a Wal-Mart and Albertson’s.

City of Rocks makes for a good jumping off point to explore Gila Cliff Dwellings, especially if you don’t want to drive your huge RV through the winding mountain roads.

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Vegan San Antonio and Austin Too

Even though San Antonio doesn’t have a ton of vegan options, we’ve been able to find some great spots. It’s about an hour drive to the city from where we are, so we haven’t gone to these places as often as we would like.   (Which is good for the wallet) Just before we left Portland we went on a blitzkrieg of some of our favorite places so we got a little burnt out with eating out. We’ve fallen back into our regular routine of about once or twice a week while we’ve been here. Tara detailed the first few places we went to here. Continue reading Vegan San Antonio and Austin Too

Red Rock Bouldering

Sorry for the delay, but alas…. After almost 2 weeks in the Vegas area, we finally got around to doing some climbing. I had been bouldering in Red Rocks once before, in February, with some friends from Portland. When they found out we were leaving, they decided they couldn’t go more than a month without seeing us, so they joined us for some climbing.

Kraft Boulders

The first day we headed out to the famous Kraft Boulders. This is an area that I could spend a month in working on various problems. Since it had been 2 weeks since we climbed anything, we were going to take a while to warm up. Even though she’s still injured, Tara was the first one to jump on some rock. She loved the way it felt, but couldn’t put weight on her foot, so she just got to watch us have fun climbing the rest of the day. After dinking around on some easy V0/1 stuff, we headed out to the Pork Chop Boulder. This was up the canyon a little ways, and since we didn’t get an early start on the day, we weren’t going to be back there forever.  Once the sun got behind the mountains it got quite chilly.  It took me a few tries but I was able to get the V4 variant which had a 2 hand under-cling start. Continue reading Red Rock Bouldering