White Sands Sledding- The dog wants to do it too


rachel and spicy
Rachel at the top of the sledding hill.
getting ready to sled
Michael getting ready to sled.

A popular thing to do at White Sands National Monument is to sled down the dunes.  You can buy a sled at the gift shop next to the Visitor’s Center and sell it back for a fraction of the price when you’re done.  Our sled was around $16 and we sold it back for $5.  There are also blocks of wax you can buy for around $2 or $3.  You rub the wax on the bottom of the sled and and it increases your speed.  It’s also helpful to find an area where someone else has already packed the sand down for you.  This was more fun than we expected and our dog Rachel wanted to join in as well.

rache l

rachel and spicy
It was a good night.

Shell we dance?

shells on table 1

I remember finding shells when I was little.  They were treasures, instantly put in a pocket, or held firmly in a fist.  Later, they were transferred to a bag or a box, maybe even kept in the pocket, to await the journey home from the beach.

And that was it.  Once I got home, the shells disappeared after a couple of weeks.  There wasn’t much to do with them and they lost a lot of their magic off the sand.  As I got older, I started to leave the shells on the beach.  The next person who walked by might appreciate them longer.

Then we came to Padre Island National Seashore

And I’m five years old again.

rachel running
Those are shells all over the sand!!! What?!!

rachel running 2
Rachel is super excited about the shells too.

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Words of the Sea

“Sometimes we are lucky enough to know that our lives have been changed, to discard the old, embrace the new, and run headlong down an immutable course. It happened to me … on that summer’s day, when my eyes were opened to the sea.”

-Jacques Cousteau

2016-02-03 023

“Why do we love the sea? It is because it has some potent power to make us think things we like to think.”

-Robert Henri

“Ocean is more ancient than the mountains, and freighted with the memories and the dreams of time.”

-H.P. Lovecraft

2016-02-03 019
First campsite on Padre Island National Seashore, it’s free!

I get the absolute pleasure of writing this while we are staying at Padre Island National Seashore.  I decided to keep this post simple and just share some quotes about the ocean.  Last year, in the dead of night, over multiple days, Michael had me watch The National Parks: America’s Best Idea.  I didn’t get to watch all of the documentary and I honestly don’t remember much of it, since it was viewed at my bedtime.  But I do remember listening to John Muir’s words.  They resonate deeply and I can’t imagine anyone reading or hearing the things he said and not wanting to immerse themselves in nature.  And after being beside the ocean for a few days I wanted to find some poignant words (since I haven’t found my own yet) to express how deeply the sea touches us all.

Luckily, the internet gives full access to all kinds of beautiful quotes about the ocean.  Enjoy.

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