City of Rocks State Park

We went to City of Rocks State Park in New Mexico for the unique climbing opportunities. Instead I spent most of the time stalking some great horned owls. Over the week that we stayed, I took over 1200 photos of owls. On my initial edit, I trimmed it down to about 200 that I really liked. This still seemed excessive, so I got it down to 55. Finally 19 made the cut. Of course this is about City of Rocks as a whole, so I will start there.

View of the park from the nearby lookout. (sorry for poor quality, taken with my phone)
View of the park from the nearby lookout. (sorry for poor quality, taken with my phone)

City of Rocks is located about halfway between Silver City and Deming.  Silver City had a nice little food coop that we went to several times to get some groceries.  They also have a Wal-Mart and Albertson’s.

City of Rocks makes for a good jumping off point to explore Gila Cliff Dwellings, especially if you don’t want to drive your huge RV through the winding mountain roads.

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I 20 Wildlife Preserve

We’re going to try a little bit of a format change to how we post stuff.  Typically we have put up longer posts once a week (more or less).  We are going to try shorter posts closer in time to when things actually happen.  The main reason we are doing this is because I am lazy.  When I have a long post to write I dread writing it and tend to get too wordy without saying much.  Since I got my new camera I am also trying to get some better photos to put up.

With all that said….. While getting the transmission worked on, which you can read about here, we were able to visit the I-20 Wildlife Preserve.  The very first animal we saw there was their resident bobcat!  Seeing a cat in the wild has always been on my to do list, and my only regret was not being able to photograph it.  It was about 100-150 yards away, and by the time I got the telephoto lens on, it was gone.  We started tracking it, but we realized we were on an employees only service road, so we went back to the main trail never to see it again.  We were very close to its den at one point as we saw massive amounts of scat, some as fresh as about 10 minutes.  I took pictures of that, but I wont gross anyone out with it.  I’ll leave you with my 4 favorite photos from the preserve…..

IMG_1105 (2) IMG_1087 (2) IMG_1057 (2) IMG_1017 (2)